(John Wrightson, BB1.) GI 15.

Police Constable. John Wrightson. No 65. 3.

Started. 3rd July 1882. Age. 25 Years.

Height. 5 ft 10 Inch. Trade. Painter.

Read and Write. Four. Married. Yes.

Children. 1. Army Service. No.

Last Employer. Lanc`s Constabulary.

Where. Chatburn.

In Police Before. Yes, Lanc`s Constabulary for 3 years and 2 months.

Appointed a fourth class Constable. 3rd July 1882.

Promoted to 3rd class Constable. 28th May 1883.

Promoted to 2nd class Constable. 26th Jan 1885.

Promoted to 1st class Constable. 22nd June 1885.


New scale of pay, 30/- per week. 25th march 1891.


Promoted to 4th class Sergeant. 27th April 1891.

Prompted to 3rd class Sergeant. 23rd April 1892.

Promoted to 2nd class Sergeant. 23rd April 1894.

Promoted to 1st class Sergeant. 26th April 1897.


New scale of pay, 2nd class. 24th March 1899.


Promoted to 1st class. 24th April 1899.


Superannuate watch committee. 19th Dec 1904 receiving a pension of

thirty one fiftieths of his annual pay 104-5-8, vis 64-13-1.

Discharged 6th January 1905.



Note added :- Died at 37 Eanam, the residence of his son on 12th December 1931.

Taken from a local history book in Blackburn library title:- Personnel records of Blackburn Borough Police Force 1889 to 1907, Number R32 Reference No 5017.