Alderman George Wrightson 

Information sourced from the book written by W.G. Wrightson 

"Memorials of The Family of Wrightson"

1 If I had succeeded in proving the connection between our family and that of the Dublin Alderman, 

this is the point at which I should have introduced in smaller type a not uninteresting sketch of " The Irish Wrightsons." 

But, though our own proved pedigree supplies no trace of evidence in support of the thrice repeated tradition of relationship,  

yet such is not the case with the Irish pedigree (see Appendices A and B). In that pedigree we see the 

great-grandfather of the Dublin Alderman is an Anthony Wrightson, who in 1613 was in the service 

(probably as Steward or Estate Agent) of a certain Richard Aldborough of Ellingthorpe Hall, about half a mile from

the residence of William Aldborough of Aldborough Hall near Boroughbridge. Now the eldest son of this latter 

gentleman was the Arthur Aldborough who from 1607 to 1612 owned, and I believe lived on, my property at 

Middleton-one-Row. He must have become acquainted with many people in our neighbourhood, and one of his sisters 

married the Reaor of Long Newton. Hence I have discovered a ready means by which some member of our family 

(most likely living outside of Eryholme) might be introduced to a situation on the Ellingthorpe estate. Such a discovery 

lends no  inconsiderable support to the traditional relationship first placed on record by John Wrightson of Dinsdale, especially 

when we bear in mind that, after his death, his grandson was received as a relation by the family of the Alderman. The absence 

of the name of Anthony from our proved pedigree ought to occasion no surprise, inasmuch as we know few of those far 

distant names, save such as chance to be preserved in the old legal documents I have discovered