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John Battie-Wrightson - Cusworth

Quarterly 1 and 4 or a fesse engrailed company counter-company azure and argent between four Griffins' heads erased, three in chief and one in the base of the second (for Wrightson) 2 and 3  sable , a cheveron argent between three goats statant of the last, each charged with two pallets gules, a chief or issuant therefrom a demi-man affortee', the dextor hand holding a club in bend between two cinquefoils, all also gules (for Battie); impaling the arms of Cecil, namely, barry of ten argent and azure, six escutcheons, three, two, and one sable, each chraged with a Lion rampant of the first;
: upon a wreath of the colours, upon a rock proper, a unicorn rampant argent, resting the sinister foreleg on an escutcheon or, charged with a Griffins' head erased azure.

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John Battie Wrightson - Cusworth Hall


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