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Description of Terms
Or : Gold : Generosity and elevation of the mind

Fesse : The band of blue & white squares : Signifies the Military Belt - represents Honour

Invected : refers to Fesse
Checky : Squares of the Fesse
Azure : Blue : Strength, Loyalty
Argent : Silvery or White : Sincerity, Peace
Chief : Top third
Sable : Black : Constancy or grief
Saltire : St Andrew's Cross : signifying Resolution, Resolve
Couped : Cut off Straight
Base : Bottom third
Gules : Red : Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength
Eagles : Protector, a person of action, noble nature, power, strength.

"Truth Conquers All Things"

Description of Arms :

Or, a fesse invected checky azure & argent between two Eagle's heads erased in chief sable, & a Saltire couped in base gules

Crest :

 In front of a saltire gules a Unicorn Salient, Or

Unicorn : Extreme courage; virtue and strength


"Truth Conquers All Things"

Signifies a Baron

This symbol added for the Baronet of Neasham

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