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Description of Terms
Sable : Black 

Fesse : The band of squares : Signifies the Military Belt - represents Honour

Counter :  refers to Opposite
Compony : Squares of the Fesse
Argent : Silvery or White : Sincerity, Peace
Or : Gold : Generosity and elevation of the mind
Griffin : Cross between Eagle & Lion
Border : Occupies one fifth of the shield : younger family branch
Last : Bottom third of the Shield
Unicorn : Extreme courage; virtue and strength

Sable , a fesse compony counte-compony Argent and Gules, between three griffins' heads erased Or , a border of the last 
: A unicorn's heads erased quarterly Azure (blue) and Sable (black), the 1st and 4th quarters charged with stars Sable (black), and the 2nd and 3rd with crescents Azure (blue), armed, maned and tufted Or (gold). 

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