Photos supplied by Francis Tocco & Todd Milem Wrightson

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Wrightson-Dodds 1914 Reunion - Pa, USA

I st Row( L-R)

Margaret Chapel, Mary Wrightson, John (Jack) Wrightson, Isabel Wrightson,Joseph Richards (cousin) & James Richards (cousin)

2nd Row (L-R)

Maud Wrightson Chapel & Elmer Chapel, Margaret(Maggie) Wrightson McClean Grandma Dodds Wrightson(Maggie Dodds), Isabel Wrightson Leece, (Jean)Elizabeth Wrightson Richards & Louise

3rd Row(L-R)

Aunt Annie Calligan Wrightson, Margaret McClean Taylor, Hattie Schmidtburger Wrightson, Agnes Leece Collins (cousin) ,Alton Stanton, Aunt Mary Schmidtburger Stanton & Alvira

Back Row(L-R)

James Leece-(Isabel's husband),Johnny Williams(family friend), Uncle Tommie Dodds, Johnny McClean(Margarets husband), Uncle Arthur Wrightson, Anthony Wrightson, William Collins( Agnes Leece's husband)  


Photos supplied by Jim Spickard

Arthur Wrightson born 20th Feb 1869

Carlton Wrightson born 1897

Victor Carlton Wrightson born 1923

Todd Milem Wrightson born 1954












John, Arthur & Carlton Wrightson

The Family of Francis & Ruthan Tocco