Descendants of the Bowes Wrightsons [map]

Information sourced from the book written by W.G. Wrightson 

"Memorials of The Family of Wrightson"

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Henry Wrightson [parents] of Bowes , buried 11th July 1688

  M i

Francis Wrightson baptised 4th Oct 1662 [meeting with Tho. Railton]

M ii

Jon Wrightson buried 18th Mar 1662-3

M iii

Henry Wrightson  of Bowes, buried 21 Nov 1705

M iv

Roger Wrightson buried 16th April 1729

F v

Isabel Wrightson buried 19th Dec 1702

Roger Wrightson [parents] of Bowes, buried 16th April 1729

  F i

Elizabeth Wrightson an infant, buried 31st May 1689 

M ii

Henry Wrightson, bap. 21st June 1691 (died young)

M iii

Henry Wrightson, young child, buried 7th Jan 1694/5

F iv

Hannah Wrightson, buried 13th Jan 1757

M v

Roger Wrightson, baptised 16th Dec 1694, d. 13th Mar 1714/15

M vi

Rachel Wrightson baptised 6th June 1695, buried 22nd Sept 1717

M vii

William Wrightson baptised 4th Feb 1699/1700

Hannah Wrightson [parents] of Bowes, buried 13th Jan 1757

  U i

?? Raper 

Roger Wrightson [parents] of Bowes, baptised 16th Dec 1694, d. 13th Mar 1714/15

  U i

?? Wrightson