Descendants of the Crag Wrightsons [map]

Information sourced from the book written by W.G. Wrightson 

"Memorials of The Family of Wrightson"

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The name occurs as early as 1415 on the first page of the Lartington court roll ; John & Thomas Wrightson and, among those I noticed in that roll, I may mention the name of a William Wrightson, who in 1457, during the reign of Henry VI., is associated with the most famous Earl of Warwick ( the " King-maker "), the Abbot of Eggleston, and Sir Richard Harcourt, in the very limited class of freeholders. {Wm. G. Wrightson}


John Wrightson [parents] buried at Romaldkirk , 1563

  M i

Ralph Wrightson

F ii

Elizabeth Wrightson


Ralph Wrightson [parents] of Romaldkirk? born late 1500's


Cuthbert Wrightson [parents] of the Waste , buried at Romaldkirk 13th Nov 1593 [rising of the North]

  M i

Miles Wrightson of Crag,born before 1569

M ii

Thomas Wrightson of Naby (near Crag) 

M iii

Cuthbert Wrightson  of Norgill, buried at Romaldkirk 12th April 1614

M iv

Peter Wrightson married Isabel Sanderson


Miles Wrightson [parents] of Crag, Yorkshire. Buried at Romaldkirk in the south porch on 19th Feb 1631/2

F i

Elizabeth Wrightson of Low Lartington b 3rd Feb 1600

  M ii

Michael Wrightson bap. at Romaldkirk 19th Apr. 1601

F iii

Mary Wrightson of Lartington b 25th March 1603

F iv

Isabell Wrightson of Lartington b 10th Nov 1605

F v

Jane Wrightson of Lartington b 25th Jan 1606/7

M vi

John Wrighston of Lartington b 2nd Aug 1610

M vii

William Wrightson of Crag b 22nd Oct 1615

F viii

Dorothy Wrightson of Lartington 24 March 1618


William Wrightson [parents] of Crag, Yorkshire

  M i

Michael Wrightson of Osbaston, bap. at Romaldkirk 22nd Sept. 1633

M ii

William Wrightson bap. at Romaldkirk 16th Dec. 1635, bur 5th Feb 1651

M iii

George Wrightson, bap. at Romaldkirk 23rd Feb 1639/40

F iv

Jane Wrightson, bap. at Romaldkirk 22nd Jan 1631/2

F v

Mary Wrightson, bap. at Romaldkirk 3rd Dec 1637, marr Chris. Mylls (London)

Michael Wrightson [parents] of Osbaston, bap. at Romaldkirk 22nd Sept. 1633

  M i

Philipa Wrightson, married Francis Mundy


Philipa Wrightson [parents

  M i

Francis Mundy 

M ii

Edward Mundy

F iii

Philipa Mundy

F iv

Millecent Mundy



Michael Wrightson [parents] of Crag, bap. at Romaldkirk 19th Apr. 1601

  M i

Mary Wrightson, bap. at Romaldkirk 27th June 1656


Thomas Wrightson [parents] of [?Naby ,nr. Crag] Yorkshire. 

  M ii

Thomas Wrightson c 1600/1

M ii

John Wrightson bap. 14th June 1607 s of Thos of Naby

M iii

Henry Wrightson bap. 12th Feb 1617/18 Head of the Bowes family


In the Lartington register is shown Agnes Wrightson b 12th May 1605 daug. of  Thos of Norgill


Thomas Wrightson [parents] of Romaldkirk, [died 1602 if Thos of Norgill] (North Gill)

  F i Jane Wrightson b 28th Oct 1599

Visit web detailing Quaker meetings at the time Francis,Thomas of Norgill & Michael attended

Thomas Wrightson jnr. [parents] of  Norgill, Yorkshire. b c 1600/1

  M i

Michael Wrightson b 24th April 1621

This information was obtained from the  Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project

James Nayler was the first Quaker to preach in this area, the far north western tip of the North Riding, in summer 1653, where he held a meeting at the home of Ambrose Appleby of Startforth. According to episcopal returns, there were five Friends in the parish by 1669 and a Meeting grew up in the dales of Lune, Balder and Greta. The first local case of persecution recorded by Besse dates from 1666 when a large group of Friends meeting at the home of Thomas Wrightson in North Gill were arrested and sent to the House of Correction at Richmond. They included members of the Appleby and Raine families, as well as John 'Bolran' [Bowron] of Cotherstone, one of the First Publishers of Truth to come from the area. There was a Preparative Meeting based in Lartington by 1675, with meeting places registered there and in Cotherstone in 1689. Ann Kipling's house in Bowes and James Raine's in Stoneykeld were also registered in 1694. A Meeting House and a burial ground were acquired in the village of Lartington in 1701. This was sold in 1796 and the proceeds used to purchase a new site in Cotherstone; this Meeting House opened the following year and is still in use. Reflecting the move, the Meeting changed its name to Cotherstone. It is still in existence and originally formed part of Staindrop Monthly Meeting, before being transferred to Darlington Monthly Meeting in 1820.

Publication note

Norman Penney ed., The First Publishers of Truth (FHS, 1907), p. 88
Joseph Besse, A collection of the sufferings of the people called Quakers (Luke Hinde, 1753), vol.I ch.XIII, pp. 176, 184
David M Butler, The Quaker Meeting Houses of Britain (FHS, 1999), vol.II, pp. 731-733, 743


In 1674 George Wilson of the Loophouse at Cotherstone was imprisoned at York Castle for two years for not paying his tithes; and on 17 May 1683 Michael Wrightson and Matthew Hutchinson were indicted for the same offence and served one month in prison

Francis Wrightson. [parents] of  Lartington, Yorkshire. b c 1600/1

  i M

John Wrightson of Lartington born 6th Jan 1660

Ferdenando Wrightson. [parents] of  Lartington, Yorkshire. b 29th Oct 1609 d 27th April 1671

  M i John Wrightson of Lartington b 24th Oct 1647


Thomas Wrightson. [parents] of  Crag, Yorkshire. b ??

  F i

Ann(e) Wrightson of Crag b 17th Nov 1700 

William Wrightson. [parents] of Romaldkirk, Yorkshire. b c1757

  M i

John Wrightson of Romaldkirk b 18th Oct 1789, died 5th Jan 1846 Eastfield

M ii

Thomas Wrightson of Romaldkirk b 19th Jan 1795  

F iii

Martha Wrightson of Romaldkirk b 30th Oct 1802, died 20th Nov 1829 at Romaldkirk

F iv

Nancy Wrightson of Romaldkirk b 10th May 1785 

F v

Mary Wrightson of Romaldkirk b 5th Aug 1792 


Copy of the Lartington register as per William G Wrightson's book

I have searched these registers from their commencement in
1578 up to the end of 1686, finding 163 entries in the name of
Wrightson. Up to the end of 1610 I here give the whole of
my notes of entries; but from that date forward only such as
possess, or may possess, interest.

1585 Sep. 12 John
1594 Oct 6 Isabell
1595 Nov. I Ann
1596-7 Feb. 20 John
1599 Oct.28 Jane d. of Tho. of Norgill
1599-1600 Feb.3 Elizabeth d.of Miles of Low Lartington
1600 June 1 Isabell d. of Tho. of Baldersdale
1601 Apr. 19 Michael s. of Miles of Crag
1602 Sep. 19 Agnes d. of  Reginald of Lartington
1603 Mar. 25 Mary d. of  Miles of Lartington
1604 Sep. 16 Elizabeth d. of  J no. of Norgill
1605 May 12 Agnes d. of Tho. of Norgill
"        Nov  10 Isabell d. of Miles of Lartington
1606-7 Jan. 25 Jane d. of  Miles of Lartington
1607 June 14 John s. of  Thos of Naby
1607 Oct 11th. John s. of  Jno. of Norgill
I Appendices. 187
1608 June 19 John s. of Richard of Lartington
1609 Oct. 29 Ferdinando s. of Tho. of  Iartington
1609 Dec. 17 Dorothy d. of Tho. of Norgill
1610 Aug.2 John s. of Miles of Lartington
1610 Aug  John s. of Wm. of Norgill
1610   Oct.7 Thomas s. of Jno. of  Norgil
1615 Oct. 22 William s. of Miles of Lartington
1617-8 Feb. 12 Henry s. of  Tho. of Naby
1618 Apr.24 Dorothy d. of Miles of Lartington
1621 Apr.24 Michael s. of Tho. of Norgill, junr.
1624 June 27 Henry s. of Tho. of Norgill [died 1625]
1631-2 Jan.22 Jane d.of Wm.of Crag
1633 Sep.22 Michaels. o fWm. of Crag
1635 Dec.6 William s. of Wm. of Crag
1637 Dec. 3 Mary d. of Wm. of Crag
1639-40 Feb.23 GeQrge s. ofWm. of Crag
1654 Dec.3- Margaret d. ofMichael of Crag, born.
1655 Dec.4 Margaret d. of Anthony of Cotherstone,
1656 June 27 Mary d. of Michael of Crag, born.
1584 Oct 4 Thomas Wrightson and Agnes Wrightson
1592 July 29 Thomas Wrightson and Helene Rayne
1598 Nov.5 Miles Wrightson and Elizabeth Jackson
1599-1600 Jan.31 Thomas Wrightson and Mary Temple
1602 Oct. 24 Edward Wrightson and Helinor Taylor
1603 Oct.10 John Wrightson and Agnes Hugganson
1603-4 Feb. 14 Christopher Rayne and Isabell Wrightson
1606 Oct. 28 ThomasWrightson and Janeta Jordayne
1612-3 Feb. 6 Michael Wrightson of Crag and Margaret Newby of Briscoe
1586 Apr.26 John
1586-7 Jan. 9 John
1587 May 28th Matthew
"        Sep. 29 John
1587-8 J an. 14 Wife of Miles
1591 Sep. 29 Wife of Cuthbert of Crag
1593 Nov.13 Cuthbert
1594 Apr. 16 Agnes
1595 Apr. 11th John
1597 Mar.27 Widow
1597-8 Mar. 18 Wife of Tho. of Lartington and child
1601-2 Jan. 25 Anthony of Lartington
1602 Oct. 25 Wife of Jno. of Norgill and child
1602  Nov. 30 Thomas of Norgill
1602-3 Jan.25 Widow of Tho. of Norgill
1603 May 26 Wife of Ralph of Lartington
1603 Sep. 16 Helein wife of Tho. of Norgill and child
1604 Sep. 23 Agnes wife of Jno. of Norgill
1604-5 Jan. I Elizabeth d. of Ralph of Lartington
1607 Aug.2 Wife of Miles of Crag
1614 Apr. 12 Cuthbert of Norgill
1625 June 15 Henry s. of Tho. of Norgill,junr.
1631-2 Feb. 19 Miles of Crag, , buried in the South Porch.'
1638 Nov.18 Thomas of Lartington, buried in the Church.'
1642 Aug. 14 Dorothy d. of Miles of Lartington
1645-6 Mar.17 Margaret wife of Wm. of Crag, 'buried in the Church.'
1648 May 21 Miles of Lartington
1651-2 Feb.5 William s. of Wm. of Crag, , buried in the Church.'
1661 May 22 Margaret wife of Jno. of Norgill, , buried  in the Church under her father's stall.' !