Edmund Wrightson 1550 of Eryholme

Information suppiled by Zed & Ilma Malunat

Ilma is a descendant of Prof. John Wrightson EDMUND WRIGHTSON


Birth:    1550, Eryholme Yorkshire

Death:  1630

Occ:     Farmer

Reli:            Catholic


Edmund was a Plaintiff in an Exchequer Suit of 1590.  After his father's death he came into quite possession of what ever remained of the original Eryholme property of the Homberston survey.  Edmund was not branded with a stigma of the rebellion, he was therefore determined to recover the Westfield property.

Edmund filed a Bill of Complaint in the old equity division of the Court of Exchequer and described how by virtue of the Exchange of the property effected between Sir Ninian Markenfield and his own great-grandfather, and that that parcel belonged to the Wrightson's and not part of the forfeited Markenfield estate.  The defendants in the case were at first, Rowland Spence and Agnes, now the widow of his Uncle Thomas.  Spence had died soon after the suit commenced; Agnes Wrightson was left to continue on her own. 

The suit dragged on for about a year, but Edmund did not continue to retrieve the property.  After Agnes died the property was finally given by Queen Elizabeth the first, to Thomas Calverley the Chancellor of the County of Durham.  So the Wrightson's  Eryholme property passed out of the family.

However, Edmund was still an independent freehold landowner, having already given portions to his children and left his widow provided for out of his landed property.

Spouse:            ISABEL WINSPERE

Marr:    1573, Eryholme Yorkshire

 Children:            JOHN (1576-1657)