Descendants of John Wrightson - Map ( Showing Dinsdale,Eryholme & Neasham)

John Wrightson [parents] of Bedale, Easingwold & latterly Thirsk born c1749 , died 1817

  M i John Jr. Wrightson born 1777 of  Dinsdale, Yorkshire
M ii James Wrightson born 1777 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
F iii Ann Wrightson born 1777 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
F iv Margaret Wrightson born 1778 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
  M i John William Wrightson chris. 19th Sept 1785 of  Easingwold, Yorkshire
M ii Cordelia Wrightson born 18th June 1784 of  Easingwold, Yorkshire marr 5th June 1828 P McGregor at Guisborough
F iii Catherine Susanna Wrightson of Easingwold, Yorkshire, born 1783 died Sept 1807 buried Thirsk (N.E. Section)
F iv Richard Wrightson born 11th Sept 1788 of Easingwold, Yorkshire

Richard  Wrightson [parents] of  Thirsk , born 1788 died 1830

  U i  
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Thomas Wrightson [parents] was born around mid 1700s of Dinsdale  , Yorkshire. Parentage is presumed

  M i William. Wrightson born 1786 in Dinsdale, Yorkshire
M ii Thomas Jr. Wrightson born 1788 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
M iii John Wrightson born 1790 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
F iv Rebecca Wrightson born 1792 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire
F v Mary Wrightson born 1794 of Dinsdale, Yorkshire


Robert Wrightson [parents] was born 1781 , Dinsdale Yorkshire. 

Helen Wrightson [parents] was born 1791 , Dinsdale Yorkshire.