John Wrightson 1652 of Long Newton

Information suppiled by Zed & Ilma Malunat

Ilma is a descendant of Prof. John Wrightson JOHN WRIGHTSON


Birth:    1652, Spring House, near Sadberg in the parish of Long Newton

Death:  1723

Occ:     Farmer

 This is the eldest son of the Wrightson traditionally Military Ancestors, he was born during the Commonwealth.

 John appears to have been married twice, the maiden name of the second wife is Ann Simpson of Richmond.  The wife of the first where the Wrightson’s descent is doubtful.  In the Domestic pedigree only one marriage is mentioned, in it the wife is described as "Ann Heslop from about Richmond" But there is no trace of any such marriage in the Richmond register.

 All three sons were born at Maltby in Yorkshire, which lies within the parish of Stainton-in-Cleveland and a short distance of the parish of Hilton and by the first wife.

 It is not certain where John lived after leaving Richmond but during the year 1700 moved into South Durham and settled on the oldest remaining piece of Wrightson property known as “Spring House” near Sadberg, it was then described as "in the parish of Long Newton"

 When Spring House came into the possession of John Wrightson it was named Hardstones, but that a Mr Vane induced John to change it to Spring House because of a little spring that used to rise in a receptacle at the end of the old vaulted cellar.  This change of name would have been prior to 31/10/1714

 John died in 1723 and from that time for about a century was divided into three branches.  The eldest and second eldest died out, leaving the third to continue the family name.

 Spouse:            ANN SIMPSON

 Children:            JOHN (-1727)

            THOMAS (1691-1768)