John Wrightson of Dinsdale

information sourced from Durham University Library (online)

CCB/D/1956/208/124474/5/11. 18/19 July 1755

(1) Will. Dunn of Brancepeth
(2) John Wrightson of Dinsdale
Richard Cornforth of Quarrington
Lease and release (mortgage). Land at Cornforth (schedule of debts)

CCB/D/1956/208/124474/6/11. 31 May 1756

(1) Abraham Burdon of Durham
(2) John Wrightson of Dinsdale
Richard Cornforth of Quarrington
Assignment of bond

CCB/D/1956/208/124474/9/11. 11 November 1756

(1) John Wrightson
Rich. Cornforth
(2) Thomas Haswell
Assignment of Bond

CCB/D/1956/208/124474/10/11. 10/11 November 1756

(1) Will. Dunn of Cornforth
John Wrightson of Dinsdale
Richard Cornforth of Quarrington
Thos. Harland of Brancepeth Eastpark
Robt. Greenwell of Little White
(2) Thos. Haswell of Germondsway
Lease and release (for three lives). Land at Cornforth

CCB/D/1956/208/124474/11/11. 11 November 1756

(1) Richard Wharton of Durham
(2) Will. Dunn of Cornforth and wife Mary
John Wrightson
Rich. Cornforth
(3) Thos. Haswell
Further mortgage. Land at Cornforth


39/12. 1 July 1771
Schedule of deeds and papers, 1586-1771, 
relating to an estate called the Hownes in County Durham, 
belonging to George Baker of Elemore Hall, 
mortgaged to Thomas Dunn, Esq., 
John Wrightson and Thomas Forster for securing 800 
and interest to Dunn and 525 and interest to 
Wrightson and Forster; 
with undertaking by Dunn to produce when requested 
such of these documents as he held to Forster and 
Wrightson and to deliver them up when all the mortgage-money 
and interest had been discharged.
Paper 3ff.