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1861 Census

3 Nelson Square Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Wrightson Mary Widow 53 Charwomen
Smith Margaret Daughter 22 Widow
Wrightson Robert Son 20 Shipwright


1861 Census

Hamilton Street  Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Wrightson Dorothy   25 Milliner


1861 Census

11 Victor Street  Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Wrightson Robert   21 Ships Smith


1861 Census

36 Dame Dorothy Street  Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Wrightson James   33 Shipwright


1871 Census

36 Dame Dorothy Street Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson James Head 53 Shipwright Sunderland
Wrightson Mary Wife 56   Sunderland
Wrightson Stephen Son 28 Butcher Sunderland
Wrightson John M Son 21 Butcher Sunderland
Wrightson Mary Daughter 14 Scholar Sunderland


1871 Census

75 Dame Dorothy Street Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson Thomas Head 51 Pilot Sunderland
Wrightson Jane Wife 48   Newcastle/Tyne
Wrightson Henrietta Daughter 13   Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Thomas Son 11   Monkwearmouth


1861 Census

42 Roker Avenue  Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Wrightson Eleanor   18 Domestic


1871 Census

77 Devonshire Street Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson Robert Head 48 Shipsmith Sunderland
Wrightson Ellen Wife 33   Sunderland
Wrightson Robert Son 19 Clerk Sunderland
Wrightson A W Son 17 Shipssmith Sunderland
Wrightson J N Son 15   Sunderland
Wrightson Thomas Son 11   Sunderland
Wrightson Alice Daughter 1   Sunderland


1871 Census

20 Barclay Street Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson John Head 23 Railway Clerk Sunderland
Wrightson Margaret Wife 23   Sunderland



1871 Census

 3 & 4 Albany Street Monkwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson James Head 38 Newsagent Sunderland
Wrightson Ellen Wife 38   Newcastle/Tyne
Wrightson Isabella Mother 76 Widow Dinnington
Wrightson Mary A Daughter 13 Scholar Newcastle
Wrightson James Son 11 Scholar Sunderland
Wrightson John T Son 9 Scholar Sunderland
Wrightson Charles W Son 6 Scholar Sunderland
Wrightson Joseph Son 4   South Shields
Wrightson Richard W B Son 2 Scholar Sunderland


1871 Census

22 Dock Street East Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson Matthew Head 46 Shipwright Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Dorothy Wife 46   Hetton-le-Hole
Wrightson Mary Ann Daughter 20   Monkwearmouth
Wrightson James Son 10   Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Dorothy Daughter 8   Monkwearmouth


1871 Census

44 Dock Street East Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson George Head 42 Ship Surveyor Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Isabella Wife 43   Southwick
Pace Robert Father in Law 72 Shipwright West Hartlepool
Pace Catherine J Niece 10   Monkwearmouth


1871 Census

15 Hallgarth Square Monkwearmouth Shore

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson Robert Head 50 General Lab. Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Isabella Wife 52   Southwick
Wrightson John Son 21 Coppersmith West Hartlepool
Wrightson Isabella Daughter 16 Domestic Servant West Hartlepool



Durham Court Directory            (p340)
Wrightson Robert 3 Cumberland Terrace West Bishopwearmouth
Wrightson Thomas Norton Hall Stockton
Wrightson Robert 13 Park Place West Bishopwearmouth


1891 Census

19 Hilton Road Bishopwearmouth

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation
Smith Maria Head (Married) 33 Grocer
Smith Florence Daughter 12  
Wrightson Susan Mother (Widow) 59  
Bailes Gertrude M Niece 3  



Sunderland Court Directory.

Wrightson Robert              13 Park Place West Bishopwearmouth


1861 Census

158 High Street  Sunderland

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Riseborough Thomas Head 58 Grocer/Baker Coltishall Norfolk
Riseborough Susan Wife 53 Married Belaugh Norfolk
Riseborough Ann M Daughter 25   Sunderland
Riseborough Emily M Daughter 14   Sunderland
Riseborough Alice Daughter 1   Sunderland
Wrightson Susan Daughter 30 Widow Sunderland
Wrightson Frances gd Dau 8   Sunderland
Wrightson Maria gd Dau 7   Sunderland
Wrightson William gd Son 5   Sunderland
Wrightson Susan gd Dau 2   Sunderland
Riseborough Sarah Y   19 unmarr Servant Sunderland


1871 Census

158 High Street  Sunderland

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Riseborough Thomas Head 69 Grocer/Baker Coltishall Norfolk
Riseborough Emily M Daughter 24   Sunderland
Riseborough Alice Daughter 21   Sunderland
Wrightson Susan Daughter 40 Widow Sunderland
Wrightson Frances gd Dau 18   Sunderland
Wrightson Maria gd Dau 17   Sunderland
Wrightson William gd Son 15 Grocers Appr. Sunderland
Wrightson Susan gd Dau 12 Scholar Sunderland


1881 Census

159 High Street East Sunderland

Surname Forename Position Age Occupation Birth Place
Wrightson Susan Head 50 Widow/Grocer Sunderland
Wrightson Susan Dau 22   Sunderland
Wrightson Mary* Dau 4   Sunderland
Wrightson William Son 24 Grocer Sunderland
Pringle Elizabeth Servant 15 General Servant Sunderland

 *Wrightson Mary                       dau                   4                                  Sunderland

Can only assume that Mary is NOT Susan aged 50 years


The Post Office Directory 1879  

Sunderland Commercial Directory.            (p293)

Wrightson Kish & Co. Ship Buscuit Maufacturers 66 & 67 High Street Sunderland
Wrighston James Royal Fire & Life Insurance Co. (Agent) 5 Fawcett Street  Bishopwearmouth
Wrightson James Shopkeeper 4 Albany Place Bishopwearmouth
Wrightson Stephen Thomas Baker Hylton Road Monkwearmouth
Wrightson Susan (Mrs) Grocer 158/159 High Street East Sunderland
Wrightson Thomas Shopkeeper & Pilot 8 Millum Place Monkwearmouth



Wrightson 1859-1881 & 1887 & 1888, 1924, 1925

The Index has not been fully used for the Wrightson family

1859                                        Nil


 Wrightson George of  Northallerton, innkeeper. died 22 Dec 1859 Probate to

                                                relicit Jane Wrightson of Hurworth.


 Wrightson Thomas Barnardiston     18 Howley Place Harrow Road Middx

                                                            died 27 Dec 1860 Probate at Principal Registry

                                                    By brother William Batty Wrightson County Esquire

                                                                 of 22 Upper Brooke Street Grosvenor Square


 Wrightson Ann                        see Wrigston. Ann of Redcar, widow. died 7 May 1861

                                                            Probate to Marianne Wrightson Spinster daughter.



 Wrightson John                 formerly of Strood Kent, railway porter

                                                late Maidstone Kent, victualler.

                                                died 27 July 1872. Probate to

                                                relicit Jane Wrightson.


 Wrightson William Ward            Prees Salop. died 5 Oct 1862

                                                Probate to Daniel Pritchard & Henry Thomas Ware


 Wrightson Jane Jane Gillbee. Wife of John Gillbee formerly Wrightson

                                                  widow of  Dovor late of Ringwold Kent. died 8 Sept 1862

                                                limited Probate to son John Wrightson railway porter


 Wrightson Thomas                 Monkswearmouth. Labourer. died 24 Nov 1865

                                                Probate to Dorothy Wrightson wife of Robert Wrightson

                                                bread baker of Monkswearmouth


 Wrightson Robert             Bradley Green Fladbury Worcs.Late of Lansdown Village

                                                died 3 March 1867 Probate William Burton Bradley.


 Wrightson John                 Preston Lancs. grocer. died 19 Sept 1867

                                                Probate relicit Elizabeth Wrightson


 Wrightson Robert              Birmingham, late Lymeswold Leics.

                                                died 15 Oct 1867 Probate to

                                                son Robert Wrightson, broker Newport Mon.

                                                Francis Hobson, Sheffield

                                                Richard Hunt, bookseller Liverpool.



 Wrightson John Goodwin            Garstang Lancs. Printer & stationer

                                                died 22 Oct 1868. relicit Sarah Wrightson.


 Wrightson Lenord Raisbeck Esquire             formerly of Stockton

                                                                     late of Bertram Villas Warwick.

                                                                     died 25 Nov 1867. Probate to mother (widow)

                                                                     Anna Maria Wrightson.



 Wrightson Elizabeth                     Helmdon Northampton. widow

                                                    died 7 July 1870 Probate to

                                                    daughter Elizabeth Ann Elkinton


 Wrightson Thomas                       Queens Place Leeds. died 30 June 1871.

                                                      by Spinster Mary Daniel & Francis George Firth



 Wrightson John                     70 King Street Ramsgate. baker died 13 Oct 1872

                                             Probate to relicit Elizabeth Wrightson


 Wrightson Seaton Grange           Thorne Yorks. book-keeper died 28 Sept 1872

                                                    Probate to relicit Elizabeth Wrightson.


 Wrightson Thomas                   Neasham Hall Durham; afterwards 8 Lovaine Cresent

                                                Newcastle upon Tyne. Late of Haughton Le Skerne Durham

                                                                        Esquire. died 12 April 1872

Probate to:

                                    widow             Rebecca Gilchrist Wrightson


                                    Reverend William Garmonsway Wrightson New Beckenham Kent

                                    Thomas Wrightson of Norton Hall Durham engineer.

                                    John Wrightson Professor of Agriculture Cirencester.


 Wrightson Walter              Dudley Park House, Park Lane, Hyde Park.

                                          in service of William Earl of Dudley

                                          died 4 Feb 1872 in the River Nile. Probate to

                                          brother William Wrightson 1 Townwall Street Dover.


 Wrightson William             York. died 2 Nov 1872. Probate to

                                           relicit Catherine Rebecca Wrightson.



 Wrightson William             Southrow Lincoln. Publican, widower.  died 20 Feb 1873.                                                               

Administration to son William Banks Wrightson

Wrightson James Hugh            Richmond Surrey. died 3 April 1867

                                                Administration  to relicit

                                                Maria Coulle Wrightson


Wrightson Warde              Dover. Spinster died 24 Sept 1872

                                          Probate to nephew William Wrightson, tailor.



 Wrightson Elizabeth                Preston Lancs. widow died 24 August 1873

                                                Probate to son Richard Henry Wrightson, grocer.


 Wrightson Elizabeth                 Leystone Essex. Wife of Leonard Wrightson

                                                died 14 Sept 1872. Probate to Leonard Wrightson.



 Wrightson Catherine Rebecca            Tower Street York. widow died 21 Feb 1875

                                                            Probate to William Baud surgeon and

                                                            Rvd. Fredrick Lawrence.


 Wrightson Hon Elizabeth Augusta        Warmsworth Doncaster.

                                                            Wife of Richard Heber Wrightson Esquire

                                                            died 22 Feb 1875 22 Upper Brooke Street

                                                            Administration with will.


 Wrightson Isabella             Cusworth Doncaster. died 23 Jan 1875

                                           late of 11 Grand Parade St Leonards on Sea

                                           Administration. Spinster


 Wrightson Thomas              Startford North Riding. flax dresser

                                            died 27 May 1875 Probate to relicit

                                            Mary Wrightson.



 Wrightson Robert Charles            Villa Street, Aston Manor, Warwick.

                                                MD. died 14 Nov 1862. Administration

                                                daughter and only next of kin

                                                Maria Elizabeth Owen wife of Henry Edward Owen.



 Wrightson William             Thorne York. accountant. died 23 Feb 1863

                                          Probate to son Joseph Stephen Wrightson


Wrightson John               Aynho Northamptonshire, late of Fritwell Oxford

                                       died 1 Apr 1877 Probate.


Wrightson Richard          Blackheath Kent. Died 5 July 1877. Probate.



 Wrightson George             See Heald.


Wrightson Emma               died 31 Oct 1878 Buckingham. Widow.

                                          Proved Oxford by Sarah Ann Wrightson


Wrightson Henry               late of Towester died 10 March 1878




Wrightson Susannah          Helmdon Northants. Died 9 Jan 1879. Widow.


Wrightson Charles             Wolviston Grange Durham. late of Stubthorn Farm Brompton                       

                                          York.  Died 8 Dec 1878. Probate to Barbara Wrightson widow.


Wrightson William Batte    Cusworth Hall. died 10 Feb 1879

 Wrightson Arthur Bland            Reverend. Hemsworth Rectory Pontefract.

                                                died 7 Dec 1879. Probate to brother

                                                Richard Heber Wrightson Esquire



 Wrightson Charlotte               of Helmaen Monmouth. died Clifton

                                                21 Sept 1880 Probate to Robert Wrightson.


 Wrightson Elizabeth                 1 Grand Parade St Leonards on Sea

                                                Spinster died 5 Feb 1880. Probate to

                                                brother Richard Heber Wrightson Esquire


 Wrightson  Georgina               Cusworth Park York & 22 Upper Brooke St

                                                Grosvenor Square. died 2 July 1880

                                                Probate to Richard Heber Wrightson Esquire

                                                37 Cumberland Place and

                                                John Robert Williams, Birkenhead


 Wrightson Henry               Reverend. 52 Green Street Grosvenor Square

                                          died 17 Jan 1880. Probate to brother

                                           Richard Heber Wrightson Esquire


 Wrightson John                 Blackhill Co.Durham. grocer

                                          died 23 March 1880 Probate to

                                           widow Ann Wrightson



 Wrightson Catherine            Wandsworth. widow died 29 Jan 1881

                                             Administration to sister Mary Ann Baker, Richmond


 Wrightson Henry               24 Liddell Terrace Monkswearmouth

                                          Shipwright and cab proprieter.

                                          died 2 Feb 1881 Probate to relicit

                                          Isabella Wrightson and butcher William Henderson.

Wrightson William             Kirk Deighton. Beerhouse keeper.

                                         died 12 June 1881 Administration

                                         relicit Emma Mary Wrightson


Wrightson William James            Scarborough. widower died 28 Nov 1879

                                                Administration to Grandfather Henry Alfred Wrightson

                                                guardian of son William Henry Wrightson



 Wrightson Joseph                9 King Charles Street Bradford. Cab proprieter.

                                            died 24 Nov 1886. Proved Wakefield. Probate to relict

                                            Matilda Wrightson & Charles Lynn draper, 9 Otley Rd Bradford.


 Wrightson  Thomas             Riddlesden Hall Keighly Yorkshire

                                           Principal Registry. Sole executor Daughter Ann Walker

                                           wife of William Walker of Riddlesden Hall




Wrightson Elizabeth                1 Aubery Terrace late of 5 St Bedes Park Sunderland

                                                died 17 May 1888 at St Bedes Park. Probate 12 June 1888

                                                to daughters Elizabeth Ann Wrightson & Emma Wrightson.





Wrightson John             5 Cannon Cockin Street Hendon Sunderland.

                                     died 12 Nov 1924 Probate Durham to

                                     Jane Wrightson widow.  ,455/18/11d




Wrightson Kate Eve        Shanghai China died 11 Dec 1925

                                       ,8909/13/3d grant 2 July 1925


Wrightson Alfred               31 Florence Villas Ilfracombe

                                          died 17 Feb 1924 probate 15 April 1925

                                          Martha Wrightson widow.




Wrightson William


died 23 February 1863. accountant of Thorne York.


Executors: sons, William Wrightson , Joseph Wrightson,

                                                             Seaton Grange Wrightson


Bequests to:

                                     wife Hannah Wrightson,

                                    3 daughters             Martha Hall Whitaker

                                                              Ann Harrison

                                                              Hannah Maugham


signed William Wrightson, 10 September 1857. Codicil 4 April 1862.

Wrightson Thomas.

died 24 Nov 1865, 9 Garden Court Monkswearmouth.

All to mother Dorothy Wrightson for her lifetime. All property on her death to the 4 sisters and 3 brothers;


                                                            Isabella Mcdonald

                                                            Dorothy Cook

                                                            Mary Brown

                                                            Susannah Wells

                                                            Robert Wrightson

                                                            James Wrightson

                                                            John Wrightson


all at present in Monkswearmouth, in equal shares. 

Thomas Wrightson effects under , 100 


Wrightson Thomas Esquire. died 8 April 1872


                                    wife Rebecca Gilchrist Wrightson

                                    son William Garmonsway Wrightson


Farms /land in Sandberge, Long Newton, Middleton and Neasham for above but to pay:


                                    brother John Wrightson annuity , 25

                                    brother William Wrightson annuity , 25

                                    sister Isabella Wrightson annuity , 30

                                    sister Margaret Wrightson annuity , 25

                                    sister Mary Elizabeth Wrightson annuity , 25

                                    son Thomas Wrightson legacy , 1000

                                    son John Wrightson , 1000

                                    daughter Rebecca Ingram Wrightson , 1000


The Thomas Wrightson will is long and sets up trusts, only family details noted.



Wrightson Charles


Wolviston Grange Co. Durham. Gentleman.

Late of Stolethorn Farm.


All to wife Barbara Wrightson. dated 27 March 1872.


Charles Wrightson.



Wrightson William   died 2 Nov 1872 

Commercial traveller. 

,1000 to niece Betsey Jackson daughter of Rev Samuel Jackson of Newcastle upon Tyne Wesleyan Minister 

, 400 to Eliz. W Jackson widow of late nephew W Jackson.

  ,100 to: 

                                                            Thomas Cooper

                                                            Cousin George Brown of Hull

                                                            Eliza Book of Wimbledon

                                                            Edward Peters.


remainder to wife Catharine Rebecca Wrightson.



Wrightson John   died 23 March 1880 grocer of Blackhill Durham.

All copyhold property at Blackhill to wife Ann Wrightson.


dated 2 October 1865 John Wrightson

Robert Wrightson   died 17 January 1890  of  77 Devonshire Street Monkwearmouth.