Before I begin, let me thank William Wrightson for his work in compiling the book "Memorials of the Family of Wrightson". I purchased a copy of the book from  a second hand book shop in Charleston Illinois, USA. This book was compiled and researched during the 1800's, by William G Wrightson. In 1894 a 120 copies were finally printed for distribution to the eldest Wrightson of each family. It was William's wish that a Second Part was to be completed for the  year 2000. 

In our own way I feel that this website could loosely represent his wish.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Wrightson, John Wrightson, I was born in a Lancashire mill town Chorley on the 25th June 1958 my parents are Ann (nee Turner, founders of the Lancashire Cotton Industry) and Norman Wrightson. Our branch of the Wrightson family are not very Sociable as a family and so as I was growing up didn't spend too much time with the Wrightsons, most of my time was spent with the Turners. At 14 years old we moved up to Scotland, where I lived for 36years, we now live in Chapelburn, Cumbria.

Why did I decide to get involved in the family research? I suppose it was due to my early life of not having a lot of Wrightson contact. Once I began I was definitely hooked. Soon after beginning my research one myth was soon dispelled, that we, the Wrightsons of  Lancashire had no part in the Wrightsons from Yorkshire. My Great Great Grandad John Wrightson ( in fact this name and William are rather common throughout the Wrightson family) was born in Bishop Monkton, Yorkshire. This surprise find,  led me to question the very roots of all Wrightson branches where ever they may reside.

During my research I have a great deal of Support from various family members not all carrying the Wrightson name. I have two incidences were I have had negative feedback. One of these was from my Brother Paul, I have never asked my Brother for support and the first time I really asked for it he refused saying that he would rather buy four tins of paint than donate me 40. He had no interest in the Wrightson name and didn't care what name he carried, he cared enough to call his children Wrightson, although he was not married ( what a contradiction).In Lancashire we have a saying "there's nout stranger than folk". Not long after this I became ill, he had the cheek to phone and say remember where I am if you need support. 

The other person was from Australia whom I had never met but asked him for some family tree data, by his reply you would have thought I was trying to steal his image or something similar. I think he thought this was the early 1500's were taking a photo could take his spirit, his real gripe was that I required his data for profit. No matter how hard I tried could not convince him otherwise, so to this day he is holding on to his valued data and keeping it safely locked away.

Do ALL Wrightson families originate from the same family? 

Without the cooperation of ALL Wrightsons or relatives who visit the site then I am wasting my time. 

So please HELP anyway that you can!!! Any Wrightson info is welcomed however insignificant you may think.

just use the email at john@wrightsons.com to contact me

That is the Mission of this website. To gain maximum data about the Wrightson family and provide this free of charge to ALL.

There is no hidden agenda. We are NONE profit in fact I am funding the development and maintenance of the WebSite.

I would like to thank Lisa my Cousin, daughter of my Uncle Roy (Ronald) Wrightson for her help. Which, without I would have a lot less info than currently available on the site. I also thank ALL who participate now and in the Future.

ALL comments both negative and positive welcomed.

John Wrightson

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