Nanny Garth (nee Wrightson)  of Cockerton Hall

Information suppiled by Zed & Ilma Malunat

Ilma is a descendant of Prof. John Wrightson NANNY GARTH WRIGHTSON


Death:  1829

Richard got an invitation to come and stay at Cockerton Hall for a while by his aunt Nanny, Mrs. Garth (nee Wrightson).  He was careful with his conduct for a short while, but at last there was an uncontrollable outburst and his sad state was seen and fully realised by Nanny Garth.  It was worse than anything she had imagined; and, as was related, "it was too much for her" "I have done wrong" exclaimed she to her faithful servants, "all will be ruined, -lost!" She took to her bed.

 It was too late to alter her will, and she died amidst her agitation on the 1/12/1829.  On the 29Th of the same December, Richard made his afterwards famous will, which left everything to his childless wife.  Within a year he had drunk himself to death: six month on his now wealthy widow was remarried.

Spouse:            GARTH