Descendants of Ralph Wrightson - Darlington

Information provided by Tony Wrightson of New Zealand

Alfred Wrightson   [parents] of New Zealand born 1870 died 1928 [more detail]

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Ralph Wrightson [parents] of ?? was born Darlington?? 

  M i George Wrightson born 3rd Nov. 1827, died 10th Jan 1927


George Wrightson [parents] of ?? was born 1827,  emigrated to New Zealand in 1872

  F i

Mary Jane born 1854

F ii

Annie Marie born 1858

F iii

Elisabeth born 1860

M iv

John William  born 1863

M v

Thomas born 1865

F vi

Margaret  born 1867

M vii

George of Darlington born 1869

M iix

Albert 1872

F ix

Louisa born 1872

George Wrightson [parents] of Darlington was born 1869,  

  M i

Cyril Herbert George Wrightson b 23rd Sep 1895 (NZ). Married Florence Mary Maude Mullet  DOB 16 May 1900 (London).


Cyril Herbert George Wrightson [parentsb 23rd Sep 1895 (NZ).

M i

Cyril Charles Anzac Wrightson b 25th Apr 1919. Died Europe 1944 missing in action (listed on Runnymede memorial)

M ii

Kenneth Vivian Wrightson b 15th Nov 1920 (NZ). Married Agnes Mary (Mollie). No children. Both deceased.

M iii

Trevor George Wrightson b 9th Oct 1922 (Taihape NZ). Married

M iv

Anthony Gilbert Wrightson b 5th Feb 1927 (Hastings NZ). Married Valerie Cooper (Napier NZ). Valerie died 27th Dec 2001 Hastings NZ. Childen: Twins Anthony Cyril and Dale Denise born 1947 (Hastings NZ). Dale married Leigh Bowmast. No children.


Trevor George Wrightson [parentsb 9th Oct 1922 (Taihape NZ). Married

F i

Jane Theresa Wrightson of Hastings, b 2nd Jan 1958. One child Camille Pearl Campbell Wrightson (father Russell Campbell) born 26th Feb 1995 (Wellington NZ)

F ii

Lesley Anne French (nee Wrightson) of Hastings, b 4th April 1960. Married Neil Crundwell, Sussex UK  20 July 2002

M iii

John Trevor Wrightson of Hastings,born 30th March 1962


Jane Theresa Wrightson [parentsb 2nd Jan 1958. 

F i

Camille Pearl Campbell Wrightson of Wellington b 26th Feb 1995


Harold Clive Wrightson [parents] of Taihape b 2nd Jan 1958.