Fred Wrightson & Family of Harrogate


Photographs courtesy of Michael & Lynda Wrightson

Wrightson's of Harrogate and Ripley

[Fred Wrightson]

Green Howards

[Fred Wrightson]


[Fred Wrightson]

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[Fred Wrightson]

[Michael & Lynda Wrightson]

Taken at their Wedding 15th May 1969

[Michael & Robert Wrightson]

[Michael & Dolly Wrightson]

Taken at Dolly's 80th Birthday

[Michael, Mum (Dolly) Wrightson]

Dog Sabre and Robert's ex Girlfriend

[Family Wrightson Get Together ]

Back left - right Fred, Percy,Dennis,Ken

Front - Harry,Joe,Anne,Tom & Charlie

[David & Olivia Wrightson]

[Jake & Olivia Wrightson]

Taken about 2003

[Julie (Mum) Olivia & Jake Wrightson]

Taken about 2003

[Michael & Lynda Wrightson]

Taken on Holiday around 2000


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