George Wrightson & Family of Wath


Photographs courtesy of Janet park nee Wrightson, and family

Wrightson's of Wath, Chapel Allerton and Leeds

[ Family of George & Mary Wrightson of Wath/Thirsk c1905/06]

Back row left to right Joe, John Henry (Jack) William (Bill), George & Tom

Elizabeth (Lizzie), Annie, Ethel & Maud


[ Frank Wrightson & Doris Hill Wedding, April 1926 ]

Back row (standing):
Left to right: - Ethel Wrightson, Eliza Wrightson, David Whittam, Joe
Wrightson, Ernest Wrightson, Frank Wrightson, Doris Hill, Alec Hill, Maud
Wrightson, Bob Hill, Female Guest - known but not invited -(hence face
scratched out), Jesse Hill.

Front row: (sitting)
Left to right: - Edna Wrightson Charlotte Wrightson, -B.maid 1-unknown,
B.maid 2-unknown, B.maid 3- possibly Bette Hill (Doris's adopted sister),
B.maid 4 unknown, Blanche Hill, Sarah Butler (Grannie Minskip).


[ John Anthony & Lucy's Wedding, 6th Sept 1958]

back row: Frank Eccles (best man) Bert Knowles, (groom's
stepfather) Doris Knowles, (Groom's Mother) John Anthony (Tony) Wrightson,
(Groom), Lucy Osborn (Bride), Kenneth Osborne(bride's brother).

Front row: Chief B.maid Shirley Osborne, flower girl Gillian Osborne, Lucy
Edna Osborne, (Bride's mother) Thomas Osborne (brides father).

[ John Anthony Wrightson, Lucy Osborne ]

[ Janet & Elaine 1966 ]


[ Janet Lesley 9 months old ]


[John A Wrightson, Doris , Gt Aunty Ann (1983)]


[ Tony & Lucy Wrightson, 8th May 2005 ]


[ Ami Park, Georgia Hale , Kirsty Park

& Eliza Hale (the wee one) ]

[ Janet, Alistair, Eliza 6th May 2005 ]

[ Alistair, Janet Ami & Kirsty Park ]



[ Ken, Elaine, Georgia & Eliza Hale, 2005 ]


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