Wrightson's of Ripon Parish - Map of Ripon & Bishop Monkton

Information submitted by Sheila Middleton of Australia

Transcribed by John Wrightson

1600's Extract of the Ripon Register for  surname Wrightson

Date Event Name (Wrightson) Rel. Name Other Town/Village
1603/08/29 chris. Frances daug. Francis Munckton
1623/01/09 marr.  Ellen of Ripon groom Thos Awmock Ripon
1637/08/10 chris. Laurence son  Jas Ripon
1639/01/13 chris. Thos son Jas Ripon
1641/07/08 chris. Henry son Jas Ripon
1644/06/09 chris. Ralph son Jas Ripon
1646/09/19 b Henry son Henry Ripon
1646/12/29 chris Jane daug Jas
1651/04/06 chris. Robt son Henry Clotherholme
1651/05/15 marr. John bride Eliz. Percivall otp
1655/04/18 - Anne daug Henry (dob) Clotherholme
1655/10/28 - Mary daug Jas (dob) Ripon
1660/03/05 b ? wf Jas Ripon
1663/07/14 marr. Thos (otp) bride Anne Johnson (par) Coxwold
1663/09/03 marr. Jas bride Mary Watson (bth) Ripon
1665/08/17 chris. Jas son Thos Ripon
1668/02/11 b John son Henry Clotherholme
1668/06/07 b ? son Henry (ba) Clotherham
1668/09/29 c Henry son Thos Ripon
1669/04/30 marr. Henry bride Mgt Pullman (botp)
1670/02/12 marr. Henry of Tanfield bride Anne Miller (otp)
1670/09/04 chris Mgt daug Henry Clotherholme
1670/11/04 b Henry Clotherholme
1671/06/07 b Jas Ripon
1682/09/26 chris Mary daug Mary (bastard [6]) Ripon
1682/11/12 b Mary daug Mary (bastard) Ripon
1685/02/12 marr. Mary of Ripon groom Wm. Pearson Hunton
1686/11/14 chris Eliz daug Thos Littlethorpe
1688/11/23 b Margaret Clutherholme
1690/01/05 chris John son Thos Litlethorpe
1692/07/21 b Thos son Chas Alne
1692/10/11 b Anne daug Jas Ripon
1694/10/13 chris Ellen daug Jas Ripon
1696/12/26 b Mary Whittliffe

1700's Extract of the Ripon Register for  surname Wrightson


Date Event Name (Wrightson) Rel. Name Other Town/Village
1700/03/04 b Marg [3] Clotherholme
1700/04/15 b Ralph [3] Rpp
1700/09/01 b Anne wf Jas [3] Rpp
1700/09/03 chris Anne daug Geo Ripon
1701/04/14 b Jas Shoemaker Ripon
1702/04/06 chris. Ursula daug Henry Ripon
1707/07/25 chris. Wm son Henry Ripon
1709/06/17 b Wm son Henry Ripon
1709/09/25 chris. Tho son Henry
1714/02/27 b Mary wf Henry Ripon
1715/08/04 b Ann Ripon
1716/11/15 marr. John bride Em Allan
1718/05/01 marr. Ellen groom Jas Spooner
1719/02/17 b Eliz
1720/02/07 chris.. Mary daug. John Ripon
1720/06/06 marr. Jane groom Nataniell Dun
1721/06/30 b Mary daug John Ripon
1724/06/16 b Henry Ripon
1737/03/18 b Thos Ripon
1760/08/14 marr. John (wid) bride Martha Atkinsons sp botp wit Newell Topham John Atkinson
1760/12/24 marr. Geo (ba) bride Jane Brown sp botp wit Ann Atkinson John Walters
1761//08/23 chris. John son John Ripon
1761/09/13 chris Mary daug Geo Wallowthwaite
1763/07/31 chris Thos son Geo Wallerthwaite
1764/09/20 b John Ripon
1766/05/11 chris. Geo son Geo Wallerthwaite
1768/12/10 chris. Wm son Geo Wallowthwaite
1771/06/09 chris. Joseph son Geo Wallowits
1774/11/20 chris. John son Geo Markington
1785/04/04 marr. Mary (sp) groom John Taylor (botp) wit Geo Wrightson & Jacob Walker
1786/03/07 b Martha (wid) pauper Ripon
1790/08/08 chris. Jane daug Thos Markington
1792/03/13 chris. Mary daug Jas Markington
1796/03/08 b Eliz daug Thos Markington
1796/03/08 b Jane daug Thos Markington
1796/03/13 b Mary daug Thos Markington


1800's Extract of the Ripon Register for  surname Wrightson


Date Event Name (Wrightson) Rel. Name Other Town/Village
1812/03/07 b Sarah wife Thos Markington
1813/05/30 b Isabella daug Joe & Martha burried at Bishop Thornton Markington
1814/12/19 marr. Thos (wid) bride Jane Whitecarr sp (botp) wit John Chapman & Eliz Geldart
1815/10/18 marr. Joseph (wid) bride Ellen Rudd sp (botp) wit Hanah Long Richd Shepherd
1815/11/19 chris. Geo son Thos & Jane - labourer Markington
1817/08/24 chris. Thos son Thos & Jane - labourer Markington
1820/05/05 b Bella daug Joseph Markington
1824/02/22 marr. Wm (ba) Bride Jane Gill sp (botp) wit Wm Gill & Martha Foster  
1824/07/27 chris. ?? son Wm (farmers servant) & Hannah Ripon
1826/07/02 chris Geo son Wm (labourer) & Hannah Bishop Monkton
1828/06/16 chris. Joseph son Wm (farmer) & Hannah Bishop Monkton
1828/12/02 b Joseph son 6m Wm Bishop Monkton
1829/12/06 chris. Mary Ann daug Wm & Hannah Bishop Monkton
1832/08/06 chris. Joseph son Wm & Hannah Bishop Monkton
1837/05/13 marr. Joseph (ba) bride Mary Nicholson sp botp wit Wm Theakston & Dennis Wilson
1837/12/03 chris. Geo son Joseph & Mary Ripon
1838/02/18 chris. John son Wm & Hannah Bishop Monkton
1841/05/04 chris. Geo son Thos & Mary Gentlemans Servant Ripon
1841/09/22 b Wm aged 46 Bishop Monkton
1842/06/12 chris. Ann daug Thos & Mary (Servant) Ripon
1845/01/05 chris. Thos son Joseph & Mary (labourer) Ripon
1850/06/20 chris Jane daug Jas & Alice farmer Sawley
1851/01/15 chris. Mary daug Wm & Rachael labourer Bishop Monkton
1852/04/25 chris Anne daug Wm & Rachael Bishop Monkton


Year/Qtr Type Forename Vol Page District
1851/Dec death Joseph 23 461 Ripon
1855/Sept death Joseph 9a 41 Ripon
1858/June death George 9a 55 Ripon
Surname  First name(s)  Age  District  Vol  Page 

Deaths Sep 1841
WRIGHTSON  William    Ripon  23 307  

Deaths Jun 1844
WRIGHTSON  Mary    Ripon  23 361  

Deaths Dec 1851
Wrightson  Charles    Ripon  23 453  
Wrightson  Joseph    Ripon  23 461  

Deaths Sep 1855
Wrightson  Joseph    Ripon  9a 41  

Deaths Jun 1858
WRIGHTSON  George    Ripon  9a 55  

Deaths Mar 1859
WRIGHTSON  William    Ripon  9a 60  

Deaths Mar 1898
Wrightson  William  73  Ripon  9a 59