Thomas Wrightson 1615 of Eryholme

Information suppiled by Zed & Ilma Malunat

Ilma is a descendant of Prof. John Wrightson THOMAS WRIGHTSON


Birth:    1615, Eryholme Yorkshire

Occ:     Farmer


From this time forward the Wrightson family fortune was rising again in wealth and social consideration.

While his father and uncle struggled at Eryholme amidst narrow means with a powerful landowner, his son John was in such easy circumstances that he bought Spring House and the adjoining White House

 This was also the time of the Civil War in England, what has been learned of the parish, it is likely that Thomas was on the side of the Parliament.

Thomas was married only a few months after the execution of the king that he married at Eryholme.  The baptism of all his earlier children took place at Richmond ten miles away.  Thomas is absent from the Richmond burial register, although some of his children remained at Richmond all their lives.

 Children:            JOHN (1652-1723)