Thomas Wrightson 1691 of White House & Sedgefield

Information suppiled by Zed & Ilma Malunat

Ilma is a descendant of Prof. John Wrightson THOMAS WRIGHTSON


Birth:    15 Mar 1691, Yorkshire

Death:  1768

Occ:     Farmer

Of Over Dinsdale, White House and Sedgefield, the second son of John Wrightson of Spring House, he is the common ancestor of all surviving members of the Wrightson family.  

 Was a Churchwarden at Long Newton and administered the to the effects of his Uncle William Wrightson of Richmond.

 White House was given to him by his father and adjoins Spring House, it is not known how he became to acquire his Dinsdale and Sedgefield properties.

 He gave the White House to his second son.  Thomas in his later years finally lived at his property at Sedgefield where he owned a large handsome old-fashioned house of red brick, which was still standing in 1890 on the West Side of the village green.  He lived he for the remaining 14 years of his life.


Spouse:            ELIZABETH ROBINSON

Marr:    1717, Middleton-one-Row


Children:            THOMAS (1720-1767)