Charles Wrightson of Raynham, Norfolk

Thanks to  Thomas Leonard Wrightson 

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Charles was born and baptised in Raynham, Norfolk, where his father, Francis, held a
post of gamekeeper on a local estate. (See copy of baptismal entry.) He grew up in
North Yorks at Ingleby Greenhow and after school was apprenticed to a tailor.
However, he did not follow his trade and described himself as a gamekeeper on his
marriage certificate. Hannah Elliot, his wife, came from a rather remote part of
Northumberland and was possibly a maid at Ingleby Manor when they met. 

They had six children, as follows: -

Charles born 1856 -registered at Thornaby
Henry Elliot born 1859 -registered at Helmsley
Ann born 1860 -registered at Stokesley}
Jane born 1862- registered at Stokesley} Ingleby Greenhow
Francis born 1865 -registered at Stokesley}
Lizzie H born 1868 -born at Bentham, registered at Gateshead

Since Charles was working at Ingleby (in 1854) his wife ~ have gone to her sister-
in-law for the first birth (in 1856) or he could have been working for his brother in
Thornaby or have got other work there. Obviously he moved to the Helmsley area
between 1856 and 1859 and this must have been for employment. By 1860 he was
back at Ingleby and in the 1881 census he was described as a farmer with
116 acres. This indicates that he had somehow contrived to save enough money to
buy the live and dead stock for the farm. It is possible that some of the money was
willed to Charles following the deaths of Francis and Ann. (Although farms were
generally rented, the animals and tools/implements were the property of the tenant. )
It would be fair to query Lizzie in the list above. However, the details are from the
1881 census return and are shown as Bentham, Nor. I think this is a transcribing
error, and since the birth was registered in Gateshead, 

Hannah probably went to a sister for her confinement.
We followed the St. Catherine's House Index from 1881 to 1930 to find the date of
death for Charles. The only likely date is 1902, but the age is incorrect. Since we
double-checked the list, and noting that his birth was not registered, we assumed this
must be the date.

TL W August 1996