Mary Ann (Polly) Wrightson of Thornaby

Thanks to  Thomas Leonard Wrightson 

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There are few family traditions of Polly, she was a shadow lady. Obviously as Sarah's
family grew, Polly, as the eldest, would have been called on to carry out tasks, to run
errands and to care for her younger siblings. Apparently Sarah sent her to a boarding
school for a period. This may have been for two reasons -unsatisfactory progress and
bullying. It is possible her eyesight was poor, which may explain one reason.
However, she did learn to play the harmonium. At some stage she was 'walking out'
with a footman from Middleton Lodge, but her brothers did not approve and assaulted
him. (Those involved were presumably Thomas W., Francis and Watson.) Did she
weep over what might have been? Did the photograph I found at the back of a
cupboard show her 'young man'?
After Sarah's death Polly took over housekeeping duties for her father. In late middle-
age her eyesight failed. Sally Carter, her niece, remembered being sent to read letters
for her. Polly was obviously fond of children (see the photographs). Like her mother,
she died in her mid-sixties and the loss of her sight must have caused much frustration
during her last few years.

TL W August 1996