Roger Wilfred Wrightson of Elescar

Thanks to  Thomas Leonard Wrightson 

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Roger Wilfrid WRIGHTSON
Born: Elescar, Yorkshire, 29th October 1939.
Died: Carlisle, Cumberland, 13th September 1986.
Roger Wrightson once said that his father, who worked
for Pergamon Press, had turned his sons round when they first held a cricket bat and
made them all left-handers. Roger himself was a natural sportsman, excelling at whatever he
put himself to. At soccer, he would take off his spectacles before heading a cross into the net,
and, when playing for Orsett and Thurrock, he was known to take a catch behind his back on
occasions to show how easy it all was. He excelled, but there was no conceit in him, just

He had an outstanding sporting career at Palmer's School, Grays, and went from there
to Loughborough where he captained a most successful cricket XI. He often kept wicket,
but then he could do most things, and he played often for Essex Club and Ground and
Essex 2nd XI in the early 1960s. Roger Wrightson became a primary teacher
in Thurrock and was on the Essex staff in 1965 and was hailed as by far the most
promising newcomer, hitting 84 against Warwickshire at Clacton. This was the match
in which A.C.Smith did the hat-trick against Essex. Late in the season, Wrightson had two
front teeth knocked out by a Freddie Trueman bouncer. Indestructible, he showed the art of
drinking a pint of beer with a straw through the gap in his teeth, and a week later he was
back in action.He played little after the 1965 season, and
his last two matches for the county were in 1967. He decided not to accept the terms he 
was offered by Essex and remained in teaching. He and his wife Audrey, an art
teacher, moved to Cumbria, and Roger played for Cumberland in 1970 and 1971. He kept his
links with Essex before his tragically early death at the age of 47.